Play For Keeps!


At Bravo, we are soccer goalkeeper specific. Whatever your goalkeeping need, we have a solution. We can be your source of regular training year round, a seasonal training option, or supplemental to your club, town, or school keeper training.  We offer sessions regularly throughout the year, and Academy style programs for the keeper looking to make a big commitment.


We are interested in the development of all goalkeepers, whether female or male, any age, from any town, club, or school, of any level of ability.  We prefer to work out a specific training plan that covers individual needs, whether it be year-round, seasonal, supplemental, academy, or somewhere in-between.  Even if you already get seasonal gk coaching elsewhere, through school or club or town, Bravo can fill in what they don't cover.  For those who want to make a regular year-round commitment, we offer academy style training, flexibility, and pricing.  We have sessions most days, with various training and GK fitness scenarios including recording, watching, and dissecting video of training and game footage.

When goalkeeping chooses you, choose Bravo... and Play for Keeps!

15 Lunar Drive, Woodbridge CT

Bravo has a new home base - a goalkeeper and fitness specific facility conveniently located just off the Merritt parkway in the North end of New Haven.  There will be a huge number of daily Bravo clinics there this fall and winter.  

The facility is also available to be rented by fitness and field player coaches who want to train small groups and individuals.  It also has all the equipment needed to thoroughly train high level athletes.  Inquire within for pricing. 


Training Available


We have outdoor GK clinics for younger and older groups including college age, plus private and semi-private training through August.

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Due to the unique conditions caused by COVID, some keepers have had their fall school soccer season cancelled.  During that break, Bravo can help to keep your game and fitness sharp until it's time to play real games again.