Marist senior and 10+ year Bravo GK Natalie Kelchner has always been very good with her feet.  In this video she can be seen using textbook tactics on the backpass.  She showed for the defender and opened up outside the goal to give a safer passing option, then squared up in the path and invited the oncoming pressure.  A small pivot and touch toward the middle to bait the onrushing forward to bite, then a quick sweep square and wide to find her passing options and leave the pressing player on the ground!

Nat POW.jpeg


Coach Paul with Alyssa Naeher at u14

c. 2001 at ODP ID camp at URI

Advanced Defensive Tactics

On free kicks just outside the top of the box, defending teams have started laying a player on the ground behind the wall with their back to the ball before the shot.  This allows the wall to jump to make it more difficult for the shooter to get over the wall, without allowing the shooter to sneak it under the wall and on goal.  Do you have enough control over your penalty area to accomplish this?  Likely not without the coach's backing!

lay down wall.png


Bravo keeper Alyssa Naeher has won the 2019 Women's World Cup!  She was the hero against England in the semi final, making a top corner save in the first half, and saving a late penalty kick to preserve a 2-1 win!  This makes her third World Cup Winners Medal, after being the backup in 2015, and she won the u20 World Cup receiving the Gold Glove award for best GK.   This Seymour, CT native also wears the #1 jersey for the Chicago Red Stars in the NWSL.  She was a long term student of Coach Paul from 13 years old until she left for Penn State, completing 2300 hours of training together in that time.

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