Bravo Training Options 




1 on 1 is always the best training! Sessions are specific to one gk's needs, and is always a hearty workout, with the coach doing the serving.  Times are flexible after 4:00 weekdays, and fluctuate on weekends.  Sessions are open to anybody, and are at an agreeable location often near the student.  Sessions are 90 min.

$100 per session


One coach, two gks.  Training is basically the same as regular privates, but for two training partners.  Lots of action with the coach doing most of the serving, with some partner drills.  A hearty workout!  Sessions are 90 min.

$120 per session ($60 per gk)




Open Clinic


This is the regular Bravo clinic.  Sessions cover a wide range of technique, tactics, and fitness.  Sessions are limited to a maximum 6 gks per clinic to keep the productivity high.  Older clinics are open to all High School age GKs, while the younger clinics are 8th grade and younger.  Sessions are 90 min.

$45 per gk per session 




Finishing Clinic


Field players and goalkeepers do battle!   In association with LG Soccer Fitness, competitions include shots of all kinds, with tactical attacking situational play.  This is a fast moving, highly effective clinic with quality shooting vs quality goalkeeping to create a very realistic training environment that's hard to beat!  Sessions are 90 min.

$45 per gk per session

GK Specific Fitness Clinic


This session combines handling reps with goalkeeper specific fitness.  A fitness coach sets up the fitness component, while a Bravo coach adds the goalkeeper component - put together to make high level handling.  Lots of catches and an exhausting fitness workout with 2 coaches and many fitness toys!  Sessions are 90 min.

$45 per gk per session 

Mini Camp


Mini camps usually last Monday through Friday, 120 min per day.  The first part is goalkeeper specific technical training, then field players and goalkeepers come together in a variety of ways to create realistic training environments to multiple goals.  Lots of shots, crosses, finishing drills, small group battles, mini games, PK shootouts, etc.  A great way to tune up for upcoming games or to stay sharp during a break.  Max # 8 gks.   



Video can be used in a number of ways to benefit keepers.  Analyzing video is a great aspect of learning that many coaches do not have easy access to.  At our facility, there is a everything we need to film then analyze a student's video, or analyze professional players, or create a college recruiting video, etc.  We have all kinds of recording devices, from Go Pros to High Pods.  Session possibilities are endless.

Summer Camp


Summer camps are always fun, with a mix of hard work and challenging games, and often last 3 hours per day Monday through Friday.  Attendance is usually a mixture of goalkeepers and field players in order to create a high level training and playing environment.  Camp activities include: lots of technical work including footwork and reps, tactical games with field players, challenges, games, contests, etc.  Guest assistant coaches are usually Bravo GKs who are currently college players.  Guaranteed non-stop action with exciting demos! 


Custom Training

Training can take whatever form the goalkeeper wants, whether through a mixture of existing services and structure, or taking a more unique approach.  Unlimited possibilities include: various group sizes and training partners, different environments such as beach training, emphasis on certain aspects of the position, mix with additional staff such as a videographer or fitness coach, train in front of a desired audience or with high profile assistant coaches, use of various training toys, etc.  The scenarios are endless and can be very specific to your needs.